When the German's were defeated by the British in World War I, the German missionaries had to leave for Europe. Before they left, seven African pastors were ordained in 1920:

  • Hiyobu Kuyonga
  • Andrea Mwenfula
  • Luka Sefu
  • Yakobo Lumwe
  • Paulo Mazimu
  • Samuel Akile
  • Lazaro Shauri

Rev. Christian Pohl, who 1994 - 1998 served as youth pastor in Tanga, is now working with Mission EineWelt, the Centre for Partnership, Development and Mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria, Germany.

At the same time he is writing the church history of Tanga. During this process he has written two biographies for the Dictionary of African Christian Biography. These persons are among the first Christians of what is now the NED: Paulo Pera , who founded the first mission school in the Gombero area and Yakobo Lumwe(Ng´ombe), who was the first pastor in Tanga and the surrounding area.  

We can follow the early mission through the history of the first Mission Stations:

  • Mtae - 1893
  • Vuga - 1895
  • Lutindi - 1896
  • Bumbuli - 1899
  • Lwandai Middle School (Mlalo) - 1900
  • Bungu - 1903
  • Gombero-Digo - a Bush School was started in 1904
  • Mshihwi(Usambara) and Vunde (Digo) - 1905
  • Vuga Press - started to work in 1912

The first three pastors of the Bethel Mission in Usambara

Lic Trittelvitz
Mission Inspector of the Bethel Mission

The history of the North Eastern Diocese (previously known as the Church of Usambara - Digo) goes back to the 6th of July 1890 when the first German missionary, Kramer, arrived in Tanga from Zanzibar, to start mission work. The indigenous people of Tanga area were the Digo people but Kramer also met a lot of Arabs and some Sudanese. Just two weeks after Kramer had started his work, he managed to open a school in Tanga with about nine children. In spite of opening this school, there were no Africans who converted into Christianity.