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ICH is located in the West Usambara mountains near the district town of Lushoto. The Usambara mountains, which are situated in the northeastern part of Tanzania, are sorrounded by the Umba plains in the north east and the Maasai plain in the south west. Administratively, the Usambara mountains belong to Tanga region which is divided into six districts: Tanga urban, Pangani, Muheza, Korogwe, Handeni and Lushoto. The ELCT-NED covers the whole area of Tanga Region.

Population-wise, Lushoto district has a comparatively high density. In 1979 census, the mountainous part of Lushoto district had a population of 266,181 people in 1,740 sq. km. making up a population density of 153 people per sq. km. In 1984 census the population raised to 304,000 people, making a population density of 175 inhabitants per sq. km. In the recently 2002 census the district has a population of 419,970.

ICH is situated 4 km North West of Lushoto urban centre. It forms part of the Irente institutions together with Irente School for the Blind and  Agricultural Training at Irente Farm. The institutions are spread over a valley surrounded by several villages.