On 17th February 2019, Bishop Johan Tryberg and his delegations from the Diocese of Lund in Sweden visited some of diaconal institutions owned by the North Eastern Diocese such as Irente Children’s Home, Irente Rainbow School and Irente School for the Blind.

arriving at Irente Rainbow School

Irente School for the Blind held their 46th graduation ceremony at Irente Hall whereby 6 girls and 4 boys graduated their primary school education on Friday, 14th of September 2018. The ceremony started at 10:00 am up to 02:00 pm.

Miss Nadine Khayal has been a volunteer at Irente School for the Blind  for three weeks . She is a professionally a teacher for children with disabilities.

The celebration was held at Irente School for the Blind on 29th March 2018 which was attended by members from the headoffice - NED, pastors, pupils, School for the Blind-Alumni, members of the School committee and staffs from the institution owned by NED such as Irente Children’s Home and Rainbow School.

Ms. Mshaghulwa Ruben