The Lutindi Mental Hospital was built in 1896 by the early German missionaries,started as a home for children rescued from slave trade .

Lutindi overview

After a few years it changed into a hospital for people with mental illness, due to a great need for psychiatric treatment in Tanzania. It’s the oldest psychiatrical Hospital in East Africa.

The Lutindi Mental Hospital is a very well frequented hospital with more than 600 inpatients and about 6000 outpatients per year from all over Tanzania.  It is a specialized hospital for psychiatry in Tanzania.

A group of friends from German with Lutindi Staff members

Lutindi Dispensary

Lutindi Mission

Our mission is to help our patients by giving them medication, group therapy and counseling as well as structured daily activities and different works and duties.

Deaconess Regina Buschmann (Bethel Institution-Germany) with NED Staff memebers


The hospital also manages an outreach clinic at Manundu Korogwe, which was established in 2003. The clinic can be easily accessed by out patients who are in need of drugs and follow ups.

Lutindi Mental Clinic

Doctor Marwa Katyetye attending to a patient at the Korogwe clinic

Nurse attending to a patient at the Korogwe Clinic