Group photo of Rainbow students and Diocese leaders

The unveiling of a colorful mural marked the 10th anniversary Irente Rainbow School owned by North Eastern Diocese (NED) on 18th January 2015. The celebration graced by Lushoto District Commissioner (DC) Ms Mariamu Juma, she congratulates the founders for  vision to help disabled. 

The activities for opening the school are planned as follows


Planning the activity rooms:
This work was done in March 2003 together with personnel from the department of neurology at the KCMC. Dr. Tina Oneko (pediatrician) and Ms. Ann-Sofie Norlén (physiotherapist) visited the site of the building and gave constructive recommendations on how to use it

With regard to attending the specific needs of mentally handicapped and autistic children our objectives are the following:

  • We intend to OPEN the Rainbow School at Irente.
  • We intend to INCLUDE parents in educating/training children who are mentally handicapped and autistic.
  • We intend to PROMOTE awareness in the surrounding community that it is everyone’s duty to respect the rights of children with mental handicaps or autism and support them.
  • We intend to start an OUTREACH PROGRAM. We strive to COOPERATE with teachers and students in the surrounding area.
  • We have the ambition to ESTABLISH a special education center with high quality.


We intend to OPEN the Rainbow School at Irente. The Rainbow School is planned to be a center for training and education of mentally handicapped and autistic children and youth. Children from Irente and Lushoto area will be provided with a good educational training according to their individual needs. By opening a school for mentally handicapped and autistic children, we do not claim that we are going to cure the children so that their disability will disappear. What we intend to do is to use our time, our knowledge and our experience in helping these children to develop as far as their capacity allows them. By doing so, there will be hope for a better future for these children. 


The name of the future special school will be The Rainbow School. It will be located in Irente village. Irente is located in the West Usambara mountains. The Usambara mountains are situated in the northeastern part of Tanzania. Administratively, the Usambara mountains belong to Tanga region.