Leo imekuwa  siku ya furaha na shangwe katika Dayosisi ya Kaskazini Mashariki ,Kanisa la Kiinjili la Kilutheri Tanzania Dinari ya Pwani baada kanda mbili za usharika wa Makorora kupewa hadhi ya  kuwa sharika zinazo jitegemea.

On 09th September 2018 the confirmation worship service was held at Kisorora church in Coast Deanery whereby Rev. Moses Shemweta presided over the liturgy and Rev. Dr. Stephen Munga preached the word of God from the gospel of Mark 5:1- 20 about Jesus healing a man who was possessed by demons.

On 3rd of July 2018, Rev. John Ndimbo senior Pastor of NED-ELCT Makorora Parish organised a seminar for all church member employees in different domains.

God knows my tomorrow” was the topic of the seminar.

The aim of this session was to remind more than one hundred participants about their future life and how their can prepare it today. Two questions below were asked to introduce this seminar:

  1. Who shall I be five years after?
  2. How will be my economy situation in my forcelessness period?