It was a blessed day for the Christians of Mtae parish in Northern Deanery whereby 97 youths confirmed their faith during the worship service and the 125th Jubilee of the Gospel on Sunday 26th of August 2018.

Rev. Frieder Kueppers (from Minden in German) confirming one of the youths


The worship service of laying the foundation stone at the new tower for the 125th Jubilee of the gospel in Mtae parish since the arrivals of missionaries in 1893 was led by Bishop Dr. Stephen Munga on 2nd of September 2018.  

The worship service (the liturgy) was led by the Principal Dean Dr. Ebehardt Ngugi at Nazareth church in Mnazi parish whereby 24 Christians confirmed their faith and 1 woman  among them was baptized during the worship service on 19th July 2018.

On 19th of August 2018, Bishop Dr. Stephen Munga laid the foundation stones in Kwemngongo and Katpesa Sub- parishes and consecrated a new church in Nazareth Sub- parish in Mnazi parish.

Laying the foundation stone and opening the church at Nazareth