On Sunday 27th Jan 2019, Plains Deanery celebrated their partnership day with their friends from the vlotho district  in German during the worship service at Muheza  parish.

The Assistant head of the Deanery Rev.  Nkanileki Chedi  led the Liturgy,while the Vice Chancellor of  SEKOMU Prof.  Didas Kimaro preached the word of God from the book of Genesis 21: 1 – 7.


Rev.  Nkanileki Chedi 

Prof.  Didas Kimaro

The Deacons, Evangelist, congregants and the friend of  Muheza Parish from German participated in the worship service.


The head of the Deanery Rev. Yambaza Mauya led the congregants in praying for their partnership.


Prof : Didas kimaro organized and inspired congregants  to concentrate their efforts in raising funds for Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University with the slogan “Save SEKOMU save the Baby” .