On 19th February 2019, Bishop Johan Tryberg of the Diocese of Lund in Sweden visited Nanyogie sub parish in Mombo parish, where he conducted the worship service and baptized more than forty children in the worship service. 

Bishop Tryberg baptizing one of the children

The Liturgy was led by assistant to the Bishop of the North Eastern diocese Rev. Dr. Eberhardt Ngugi.

Bishop Tryberg preached the word of God from the book of John 4: 28 – 42. 

Bishop Munga greeting congregants during the worship service

The worship service was attended by the Bishop of the North Eastern Diocese, Dr. Stephen Munga , North Eastern Diocese General Secretary Rev. James Mwinuka, Lena Simonsson Diocese of Lund (General Secretary), Ms. Madeleine Anderberg Member of the International board, Olt Bernill Chairman of the International Board, Rev. Dan Fredriksson (Director of Parish Development), Rev. Marie Korner (International Secretary), Ms. Camilla Lindsdog Press Secretary and Congregants. 

Nanyogie choir participated in the worship, they praised our living God in their vernacular.


Dressed in traditional clothes