On  September 08TH ,2019 it was an extremely blessed day for the congregants of Handeni Lutheran Parish by which 19 youth and 1 among them were confirmed and baptized during the Sunday worship service. There were also 4 adult who were baptized  . The service was lead by, Rev. Dr. Eberhardt Ngugi who is the  Assistant of the Bishop of the North Eastern Diocese.

                                                                         Handeni  Lutheran Parish Congregants

                                                                                Confirmands marching

                            The Principal-Dean Dr. Eberhardt Ngugi confirming one of the Confimands

                   The Dean of the  Plains Deanery Rev. Yambaza Mauya  confirming one of the Confimands

                                                             During the worship services.




                        Rev. Lewis Shemkala confirming one of the Confimands (GRACE HELBERT SHIRIMA).

In their special message to the Principal-Dean Dr. Eberhardt Ngugi  the confirmands expressed their concern to the efforts of the Diocese in education by contributing

Tsh 93,000/= to the following institutions.

  1. Tsh 31,000/= for Bangala Lutheran Junior Seminary,
  2. Tsh 31,000/= for the Deanery Technical School project
  3. Tsh 31,000/= for Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University


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