On Sunday  09th December 2018 seven theologians (two women and 5 men) were ordained and installed in North Eastern Diocese during the worship service at the Cathedral.

On 11th November 2018, Bishop Dr. Stephen Munga laid the foundation stones of the new church at Sinai and the parish's house at Senta Sub- parishes in Msongolo parish.


The arriving of the bishop Munga at Sinai Sub-parish

The worship service (the liturgy) was led by the Principal-Dean Dr. Eberhardt Ngugi at the church in Msongolo parish whereby 114 youths confirmed their faith and 3 youths among them were baptized during the worship service on 11th November 2018.

Mponde parish, one of the parishes in the Southern Deanery, on 14th of October 2018 it was a great day for the her congregants whereby the Dean of the Southern Deanery Rev. Daniel Mwarabu laid on the foundation stone and consecrated the new parish’s office and 112 youths confirmed their faith and 3 children were baptized during the worship service.