Irente Farm Biodiversity, one of the economic projects in the North Eastern Diocese which is situated at Irente Village in Lushoto District, 8km from Lushoto Bus terminal.

The training was conducted on 23rd April  to 25th  April 2018 which was officially opened by Rev. James Mwinuka (General Secretary - NED ).The training was atttended by head of the institutions from the North Eastern Diocese and head of departments from the North Eastern Diocese head office.

Irente Biodiversity Reserve (former Irente Farm) is situated in the western Usambara Mountains, 5 km from Lushoto.
It belongs to the north-eastern diocese of the Lutheran church in Tanzania. On the property there is an orphanage (Irente children’s home), a school for the blind (Irente school for the blind), and Rainbow school (a school for mentally retarded and autistic children).