Irente Farm Biodiversity, one of the economic projects in the North Eastern Diocese which is situated at Irente Village in Lushoto District, 8km from Lushoto Bus terminal.

The Irente Farm Biodiversity is categorized into two fields such as Irente Farm production and Irente Farm restaurants and lodge. Irente Farm restaurants and lodge offer several quality services like accommodation for lodge and food and beverages for restaurants.


It owns a small shop which sells farm’s products and neighbors’ products under the reasonable price.

Miss Catherin Kiondo a receptionist at Irente Farm restaurants and lodge.

The restaurant offers breakfast, Farm lunch during noon, hot food during dinner time, beverages and buffets are also available.

Farm Lunch buffet

visitors enjoying the farm lunch 

 For accommodation, they have many rooms which are categorized as follows:-  

Mkuyu self-catering lodge - a family room which has 2 rooms (1 room has 3 beds and another 1 bed ), bathroom with shower, Dining room, sitting and kitchen room with gas stove and fridge.

Backpackers lodge has 8 rooms, each room has 2 beds with shared bathroom including breakfast

Visitors from Germany with Miss Catherin Kiondo a receptionist at Irente Farm restaurants and lodge.(middle)

A-frame (campsite) accommodates two people, which has two mattresses and there are enough areas for camping.

Enjoying the conducive Environment at Irente Farm 




 +255788 503 002 (office)

Further info visit: Irente Farm Lodge

The Irente Farm production is managed by Mr. Vuliva as the manager and it deals with the production of consumer goods such as Cheese, pure Brown bread, yogurt, herb and butter, small-scale cultivation and livestock.

The Irente farm production rears more than 75 cattle which deliver milk for the production of goods such as butter, yogurt, herb and cheese like Mozzarella cheese which is special for making Pizza, Cottage Cheese, Chill cheese, Rosemary cheese, green paper cheese and Dark paper cheese in various sizes and volumes.

Cheese and butter

Apart from milk cow they also keep animals like pigs in small scale.

Irente Farm engages on cultivation on a small-scale level production of Rye wheat, which is special for making pure Brown bread and in Tanga region, Irente Farm is leading on the production of brown bread.

Some of workers harvesting Rye Wheat which is special for making pure Brown bread