A day at the Irente institutions

On 27th June 2018, Mrs Madeleine Andeberg (from Diocese of Lund- Sweden) accompanied  by Rev. Joyce Kibanga (Director of Social Service- NED) and Miss Everesta Moshi (Human Resources- NED).  

Irente Rainbow School

Signing a visitors book after arrival at Irente Rainbow School

On 1st June 2018, Theologian Ndinda Honore arrived at Lushoto from Rwanda (the Anglican Church), warmly welcomed by the staffs of the head office and on Monday 3rd June 2018, began an official tour to visit some parishes and institutions in the North Eastern Diocese. His tour ended on 11th June 2018.


Theologian Ndinda signing the visitors book

'Tunapanda miti milioni moja - We plant one million trees'. For 2017-2018 this is the big ambition of the young university with the impressive name 'Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University' (SEKOMU), situated in the Lushoto district in North-Eastern Tanzania, in the center of the West-Usambara mountains. This university celebrates its 10th anniversary. Together with my Tanzanian colleague and good friend Professor Didas Kimaro I was invited for a colloquium about greening of uplands on 1st of March, 2018, and for a tree planting session the next day. I have been there before several times for project work, and each time I was impressed by the warm and also deep religious culture. And yes, they do their best to guide this God-forgetting mzungu back on the right track, but without fanatism.