A day at the Irente institutions

On 27th June 2018, Mrs Madeleine Andeberg (from Diocese of Lund- Sweden) accompanied  by Rev. Joyce Kibanga (Director of Social Service- NED) and Miss Everesta Moshi (Human Resources- NED).  

Irente Rainbow School

Signing a visitors book after arrival at Irente Rainbow School

Mr Yassin Shehagilo(head teacher) explaining in brief about the school time table

The bead project as  the part of the handcraft in the school

Irente School for the blind

Signing a visitors book

Mrs  Madeleine Andeberg with pupils

A pupil writing using a braille technology


Mrs Jang'andu demonstrating a final product to Mrs Andeberg

Poultry farming project

Milk cow project

Irente childrens Home

Mrs Andeberg with Sr. Enna Mdemu(head of the Irente Children's Home)

Fruit and vegetable Project at ICH 

 Mrs. Andeberg with baby Nasri

Dinner with head office staff members  at Tumaini Restaurant and hostel.

On 28th June 2018, Mrs Andeberg accompanied by Rev. Peter Bendera and the representatives from the head office of the Diocese were Rev.Paulo Diu (NED-Education coordinator) and Miss Everesta Moshi (NED-Human resources) visited Lwandai Secondary School in Mlalo and later visited the Hekalungu dispensary and the Northern Deanery headoffice where Rev. Peter Bendera is the Dean of the Deanery.

Lwandai Secondary School

Some of school staff members with Mrs Andeberg

School library

Hekalungu dispensary

Arriving at Northern Deanery headoffice

trumpet choir at Northern Deanery headoffice

Signing visitors book at Northern Deanery headoffice

Mrs Madeliene Andeberg shake hands after arrival at Hekalungu Dispensary